Window - Door Wooden Laminate Hollow Section Pipes
(56 x 88cm or 66 x 80cm)

The window hollow section pipes we produce are assembled, using 9-11 pieces. For this reason, they are not affected by any weather condition (humidity, cold, sun and snow). The varnish used is very easy to apply as it contains UV-resistant impregnation, filler, color and varnish material all in a single compound. No sanding with sandpaper is necessary. Even in adverse climate conditions, the varnish lasts a minimum of 10 years.

Wooden window and door systems are produced using Oak, Pine, Iroko and Sapele trees in the desired size and quantity.

Seals inside the pipes provide excellent insulation against sound, dust and cold weather.

The dimensions of the section pipes allow the application of thermopane (insulated glass) from 17mm to 22mm.
Wooden window and door systems with new shapes and different designs;
* Easy Installation
* Healthier Life
* Increased earthquake resistance