Import & Export

Abant Parke production facilities produce four different groups of products by processing Iroko, Movengiu, Sapelli, Rose, Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Bilinga and Doussie trees obtained from different parts of the world.

These product groups are massive wooden flooring, massive classical parquet, massive lamel mosaic parquet, exterior cladding, paneling, laminate panels for stairs and furniture, laminate wooden window and door systems, and the most recent, engineered (3 Layer) flooring, in the production of which our company is leading the world by using the Hot-Coating system which is the most advanced technology and the all-new polished (Hot-Coating System treated) massive parquet respectively. Along with the trees that grow in the exotic environment of Africa, our company imports raw materials from Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria.

We are also tailoring our products based on the demands that come from different regions of the world. Abant Parke is currently a company that imports and exports and meets the demands coming from all over the world in addition to Germany, England, Russia, Norway, Greece, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and other Turkic Republics.

For placing orders and any import-export related issues, please contact import-export director:

Contact Person: Mr. Murat Işın


Work: +(90) 312 468 63 84

Mobile: +(90) 533 706 00 66