Decking - Outdoor Wooden Flooring

Iroko, Tali and Merbau trees, which are known for their resistance to all weather and humidity conditions, are used in the production of outdoor wooden flooring. These trees are not affected by wet and humid environments. In addition, they are treated with special wood oil to increase their resistance to weather conditions.

The outer surface of the material may be produced in its natural form or it may be produced with joint gaps to prevent slipping when used in wet areas. Since the bottom layer of the material is made exactly from the same tree, fungi and wear which may occur in outdoor use over time and be encountered in other decking materials and plastic structures are prevented.

Our outside wooden flooring materials may be laid on wooden grates in free length or they may be laid modularly in different directions on any surface without being fixed as tongued-and-grooved decorative squares in dimensions of 500mmx500mm.

This system allows the material to be disassembled and re-assembled in any fashion later. Our modular system decks can easily be assembled and disassembled without requiring any mastery.